Why I chose Young Living essential oils

In November of 2015 When I had all  I could take of my allergies. and tired of getting over-the-counter medicine that didn’t work. I kept seeing all of these oil post my friend was making in facebook. I called her… she let me borrow her diffuser and an oil blend of Lavender , Peppermint and Lemon. I was amazed my watery eyes, itchy stuffed up nose went away within 2o minutes! I was hooked! Not only were they all natural, but they had a pleasant aroma that was calming and uplifting. I ordered my kit and have been enjoying them every since. Also these are the oils God gave his people for medicine. What were the gifts brought to baby Jesus? Gold, Frankincense and Myrrh. Two of those being Life saving oils! How many times do you see a commercial about some fabulous new drug the pharmaceutical companies have developed and then you hear the dreaded side-effects? The side-effects in my opinion are usually worse than the original ailment it was prescribed for!  God knew what hew was doing when he gave essential oils to his people!

Above in the picture are some of my favorite oils, the ones I carry with me everyday.

Stress Away-Yes it does just what it says, relieves tension headaches, stress and anxiety.

Lemon- Powerful detoxifier, antibacterial, great for the skin, I drink it in my water and haven’t been sick in 2 years!

Lavender- Helps you sleep, reduces stress, helps relieve migraine headaches, and great for burns and blisters.

Grapefruit- Powerful fat burner! Nuff said!

Theives-Powerful antibacterial, antiseptic, antiviral. Used in everything from toothpaste to Laundry soap, and cough drops. That’s the short list for this one!

Slique– Slimming additive to your drinking water that makes it taste great and curbs your appetite.

Why I chose Young Living

Young Living has their “Seed to Seal ” guarantee. This means that Young Living is involved in every step every process from the seed being planted till the bottle is sealed. They own the farm in a multitude locations around the world. Farms in locations where the plants thrive the best in their natural region of the world. They have the strictest distilling process of any essential oil company in the world.

Why I chose to do the business

Job stability is no longer a given. Economic times are scary and companies are closing their doors everyday. At the time of this post I’m currently 45 years old, from the age of 20 to age 41 I only had 2 jobs. 21 years of full time employment, in 2012 at the age of 41 I find myself out of work and unemployed for the first time in my life. From the age of 41 to my age now of 45 I have had 4 jobs, and been unemployed twice! There is no job security anymore! And heaven forbid these employers consider 45 OLD! And now I currently work for Lowe’s Home Improvement. Just last week Lowe’s eliminated 2,400 jobs! These were not part-time, low on the totem pole employees, they were high-level store managers, dept. managers. 18 people at my store were affected, 2 Assistant Store Managers lost their job immediately and were walked out of the store.  One had been there 11 years and the other 4 years. Now the 15 dept. managers are being reduced down to just 5 positions that they have to apply for, the rest have 1 year to find other positions in the store or find work outside of Lowe’s. My co-worker the dept sales specialist, her position is being eliminated despite her ranking #5 in the region for top sales! She also has 1 year to find other employment within the store or find work outside of Lowe’s. I have felt for some time that the only person I can truly rely upon is myself and God. It is vital to be self-sufficient entrepreneur. That is my quest, that is my goal. If you feel the same insecurity in your workforce join me.. and build your dreams with this amazing company and unlimited earning potential. And never have to worry about losing your job again. Click the link below and join me, on the quest to financial freedom while helping others reap the benefit of these amazing oils.





About Miranda Lutes

I'm a single mother of 2 great kids. My son is 19 and my daughter is 12. I'm a Young Living Consultant and a profession photographer. I love making homemade scrubs and potions for my hair. www.youngliving.com #3347854
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