Sinus Shower Bombs

untitled-1Help relieve sinus tension and headache, perfect for the shower or bath.


1 Cup baking soda

1/4 cup citric acid

10 spritzes of water

10 drops of wintergreen essential oil

5 drops of lavender essential oil

15 drops of rosemary essential oil

11 drops of eucalyptus

food coloring of your choice (optional)


mold of your choice

Combine citric acid and baking soda and in essential oils to dry mixture stir to combine. Spritz with water and stir till mixture sticks together. Place mixture in molds for a few hours or overnight till dry. Store in an air tight container preferably glass, mason jars work great.

Click on link below to order oils.




About Miranda Lutes

I'm a single mother of 2 great kids. My son is 19 and my daughter is 12. I'm a Young Living Consultant and a profession photographer. I love making homemade scrubs and potions for my hair. #3347854
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